Terms & Conditions For Whole Cakes

A few notes before you place your order…

Please give at least one day’s notice when ordering a cake. All the cakes are made completely from scratch so we need some time to prepare.

The cakes you order may have a different decoration style from the images shown on www.thepottingshedtearoom.com.

To ensure you receive the best looking, best tasting, and freshest cake possible, please order the cake for the day it is to be consumed. Our cakes are made fresh which means their shelf life is only one day – two at the most.

All our cakes may contain traces of nuts, wheat, fruit and cream as they are all made in the same kitchen. If you have any specific allergies then let us know in advance.

  • We make wheat free cakes and they are clearly marked within our menu.
  • Cakes are to be collected from the tearoom, unfortunately we do not have the facility to deliver.
  • When collecting the cakes please ensure you have a flat, level surface in your car to place the cake. Due to the freshness of our produce, storing them at an angle is not suitable.
  • Please pay for your cake in advance
  • Cream cakes must be stored in a fridge, otherwise cream will spoil very quickly.
  • If the person ordering the cakes provides the wrong date of cake collection and fail to correct this error before the cake is made, we are not responsible and no refund will be given – it will be down to our discretion if we make another cake for another time.

If you have any question at all please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help.